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Emotional Support for Cancer Sufferers and their loved ones.

Hypno-Chemo uses hypnosis as a totally complementary therapy to offer emotional assistance to those who have been diagnosed with Cancer and their Loved ones. This emotional support is designed to assist them in finding the strength and courage to best confront their condition!

This web site is for qualified hypnotherapists who wish to join the fight against cancer and add a new tool to their existing practice using hypnotherapy and the Hypno-Chemo Program. The fact is the medical treatment for cancer is extremely well catered for, however the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis and subsequent mental trauma isn't an area that's really ever been embraced by modern medicine...


HYPNO-CHEMO is a totally Complementary Therapy.

  Hypno-Chemo Practitioners are there to offer cancer sufferers a legitimate, professional and caring service that psychologically assists them through every stage of their illness. It is not there to offer any sort of cure, remedy or offer advice on medical treatments. Hypno-Chemo is designed to fully complement established medical treatments. IT IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE THERAPY.

The Hypno-Chemo program is there to help cancer sufferers appreciate they can actively participate in their recovery. They don't have to just hand themselves over to modern medicine and hope for the best.

Studies show a positive mind set combined with healthier lifestyle choices will not only psychologically aid a cancer sufferer's medical treatment, but can also help in relieving the sufferers perception of pain and even help reduce the perception of negative side effects often associated with traditional cancer treatments. Basically Hypno-Chemo gives its clients a "Motivation to Mend" using Cancer Care Hypnosis...

  If you wish to find out how you can become a Licensed Hypno-Chemo cancer care practitioner, then just follow the link.

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