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  This page gives you more detail about what you'll receive when you buy your Hypno-Chemo practitioners pack and membership. The comprehensive cancer care guide has been designed so it's easy to read and enjoyable. The different elements of the guide have been broken down into individual folders so it's easy for you to locate the information you require. If you have any questions or queries regarding the Hypno-Chemo program or want more information about what's contained in your practitioners guide please feel free to e-mail us at info@hypno-chemo.com or phone 0787 575 3685.

Cancer Hypnosis Pratitioners Guide

The Hypno-Chemo Practitioner Guide fully explains what cancer is, it's medical treatment and it's stages, before moving on to discuss the psychology of the sufferer and what we can do to help. The guide then moves on to a detailed description of the 6 different client therapy modules that will give you the confidence, insight and knowledge to treat any adult cancer sufferer, no matter what stage of the illness they may be at. The practitioner's guide doesn't only deal with cancer and its treatment, there's also a full section on integrating this exciting new program into your practice with specific attention to marketing and promotion!

Hypno-Chemo Marketing Templates


To help you promote and market this new therapy effectively, inside the practitioners guide you'll also find marketing templates that can be individually personalised and adapted to meet your needs, they include: 1 x A4 Poster, 1 x Tri-Fold Brochure, 1 x A5 landscape advert to be used in magazines, 1 x Introductory Sales Letter and a list of images you can buy to add to your website or marketing literature.


Hypno-Chemo Certificate

In your pack you'll also find your A4 Licensed Hypno-Chemo Certificate.... all you then have to do is choose the frame of your choice.

Cancer Hypnotherapy Videos

To compliment the written text are 18 reference videos hosted on You Tube. These videos really do bring the training to life and can also be useful to clients during their treatment.

Hypno-Chemo Cancer care Hypnosis Scripts

There are 6 professionally written hypnosis scripts that can be used both in session and recorded in .mp3 or .mp4 format for clients to download and listen to at home during their Hypno-Chemo treatment. These scripts can be personalised to the individual clients needs.

Hypno-Chemo full session paperwork

Included in this folder is a complete set of session paperwork, that includes a Consultation Form, an ongoing Therapy Form, as well as a Diet and Exercise pdf.

Hypno-Chemo Practitioners Website

This is where you can download various elements of the therapy, access the training videos and register to use the Hypno-Chemo forum. The forum is a key area especially during your training, so please feel free to ask questions and get involved with other Hypno-Chemo practitioners.

Hypno-Chemo Membership Benefits

When you join Hypno-Chemo, you also become a member of the Hypno-Chemo organization. This means you can use the Brand name and the Hypno-Chemo Logo on your websites and promotional material. You're practice details will also be placed on the "Find a Practitioner" search function on the main website with a valuable inbound web link to your company's website. Membership of the Hypno-Chemo organization costs just £249.95.

As i'm sure you can see, this Cancer Care Hypnotherapy pack has a great deal to offer. It's important to us that each member receives great value. So if you've made up your mind and decided to join then please go to the Become a Practitioner page and click on the Pay Pal button.

Please also be aware that training seminars are now being organized that will contain all the above and will count towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD). For more information just follow this link: Cancer Care Hypnosis Training

If, however you are still feeling some resistance or you have a "yeah but" question, please feel free to Contact Us and discuss whatever concerns you may have.... By Gary Barker

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