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John Maclean - Hypno-Band creator and cancer survivor.
The Hypno-Chemo system developed by Gary Barker is a breakthrough in complementary care for cancer patients. Combining different techniques, it is the ideal companion to help patients through their cancer treatment and beyond. Thoughtful and compassionate, it should be a standard in every oncology unit."
John Maclean - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner

Teresa Moorey - www.gloucesterhealth.co.uk and www.teresamoorey.co.uk

The Hypno-Chemo package offers a clear and well-structured approach to this much-needed area of hypnotherapy.  More practitioners should take advantage of this, so that hypnosis is recognised as a highly valuable tool in the treatment of cancer.
Teresa Moorey - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner
Lorraine Gleeson - www.hypno-chemohampshire.co.uk
WOW! I am so glad that I have invested in the Hypno-Chemo training. The information is not only invaluable, but is so interesting lots of facts and explained in a very approachable and easy to understand manner. I am really enjoying adding to my knowledge. As a hypnotherapist there is no doubt that the mind and body work very closely together and people can in the right frame of 'mind' achieve just about everything.
Lorrainr Gleeson - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner
Ian Walshaw - Selby Hypnotherapy
I have been a qualified hypnotherapist for over 20 years and during that time I have been asked to assist people who are suffering from cancer. I have often done what I thought would be useful at that moment in time but never really treated cancer in a structured way.
Ian Walshaw Hypno-Chemo Practitioner

What the Hypno Chemo training package provides is a comprehensive, caring and practical approach in assisting cancer sufferers in a structured and compassionate way.

I always bear in mind that as hypnotherapists we make money out of other peoples misfortune and for this I have a test. My test is to imagine a set of weighing scales like the scales of justice. On one side I put the commercial aspects of my profession and my need to make a living. On the other side I put the client and their need to be helped. My scales always have to balance in favour of the client.

In my opinion Hypno Chemo effectively equips a hypnotherapist to use hypnosis as a complementary treatment to the standard medical approach towards cancer in such a way that the balance always tips in the favour of the client.

Well done Gary Barker. When's the book coming out?

Ian Walshaw


Greg Coyne - Bedford Hypnotherapist

Having had an opportunity to look through the Hypno-Chemo Programme it's evident this Programme puts the client first and allows the client to "lead" the sessions - this is very important.

Greg Coyne - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner
The therapist is there to guide and assist and to make things easier for the client to understand and move forward. Helping the client understand the mind/body connection and how they themselves can have a huge influence over their symptoms, instead of feeling powerless they acquire feelings of control, if they are in control they are more relaxed and calm and that will assist their immune system.

The scripts used are very well written and cover face to face sessions in addition to separate scripts the therapist records that the client can then listen to at home.

The programme is very comprehensive, is very caring and sensitive to the needs of the client and offers great value for money. I am sure that many, many clients will benefit from the Hypno-Chemo Programme in the future. It offers great support, in that it fills the "gap" helping cancer sufferers to cope and deal with the issue of cancer more effectively.

Graham Parish - www.hampshirecancercarehypnosis.com

I have just completed the Hypno-Chemo Practitioners training course, I found it to be informative and easy to follow. I am most impressed with the content and practitioner support.
Graham Parish - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner
Jeff Powell - www.jeffpowellhypnotherapy.co.uk

Hi Gary,

I would like to congratulate you on how well presented and structured everything is.
The Video's are a great help too for both Practitioner and Client. I have a better
understanding of Cancer now, even thought I have worked with Cancer clients before.

Jeff Powell - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner

The training package incorporates all the tools the Hypnotherapist need to use when
helping Cancer Clients.The dedicated websites look excellent too. Ideal for those who are not as
computer/website literate.

Keep up the great work and have a great day.



Paul Lee - Cognitive Processing & Integration Therapist

"Hypno-Chemo" does for Cancer Care what the "Hypno-Band" did for helping people lose weight - It provides a professionally researched & effective set of techniques that can make a REAL & SIGNIFICANT Impact on the lives of those diagnosed with the "Big One".
Paul Lee - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner
Claire McGrath DHYP MIAPH ADV - Hypnotherapy 4 Health Clinic
An excellent programme which has been very well thought through from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. The comprehensive treatment pack will arm you with the tools to help your client to feel more in control of their treatment and consequently their life. More importantly you will feel more equipped and more confident to enter a field which many are afraid of.

Claire McGrath - Hypno-Chemo Practitioner
A very valuable addition to every therapists practice, enabling you to feel confident working with your client and their individual needs.

Talitha B - Mediator and Counsellor


I first came across Gary as a Hypnotherapist two years ago and consulted with him as a patient and found that he was a very understanding and professional individual. He was able to help me overcome the issues that I had come to see him about in a caring and positive manner not only through the hypnotherapy, but also by being a very good listener without judging or influencing my thinking.

I have since been involved in the development of the Hypno-Chemo treatment and feel that this programme offers a very positive way forward for adult cancer sufferers. It is not offering a miracle cure or claiming to be something it isn't. Instead it gives the patient a chance to take charge of their illness, by giving them the tools to deal more positively with what is of course a very negative diagnosis. It also includes the carers of the patient as well if they so wish, giving them the means to mentally cope with whatever the future may hold.

In this situation a positive mind set has to be a great advantage!




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