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I'm interested in this therapy, but a little concerned about treating people with cancer, how do I overcome this?


It's perfectly normal for people to feel this way about the Big "C" whether they are therapists or not and this is a concern many therapists initially share. However, this fear comes from being unfamiliar with the therapy and the facts surrounding cancer. The fact is as therapists we need to completely divorce ourselves from the physical effects of cancer, because it really has very little baring on the psychological treatment you will be administering!

From a therapeutic point of view a cancer sufferer should be viewed as just another client suffering with extreme anxiety, because ultimately that is all they are to us as therapists. Once, you've studied the practitioners manual you'll find as your knowledge increases any concerns you have will just dissolve away and you'll actually look forward to offering this exciting new therapy in your practice.

I'm not sure about the name "Hypno-Chemo" It sounds as if this program is used in place of Chemotherapy?
The name "Hypno-Chemo" is of course a mix of the word Hypnosis and Chemotherapy. These words together signify a cancer program utilizing hypnosis. This program is certainly not an alternative to medical treatment in any way shape or form.

"Chemotherapy" is the name for the treatment of cancer using chemicals introduced into the body of the sufferer that are designed to seek out and destroy rogue cancer cells.

Some Hypnotherapists have pondered the question that the Hypno-Chemo name is inaccurate because it has nothing to do with the chemical assistance of cancer sufferers.

This is a point of contention:So consider this when we are stressed our bodies release a chemical called Cortisol (The Stress Hormone) This hormone raises our bodies fight and flight response, but also suppresses the immune system. If we as therapists then help our clients relieve that stress ie reduce the cortisol levels, this in turn will increase the serotonin and dopamine levels (Feel Good Chemicals) produced in our bodies. We as hypnotherapists are actually helping out clients change their chemical psychology by helping them to relieve whatever it is that causes them stress and anxiety.

Are Hypno-Chemo Licenses restricted to set area's?

There are no area restrictions with a Hypno-Chemo license. Any therapist can purchase a license as long as they have been practicing for at least 2 years and can provide proof of their qualifications and current public liability insurance. The focus of Hypno-Chemo is on offering cancer sufferers an exciting new therapy that helps them better cope with their condition and their medical treatment. Every hypnotherapist offers Weight Loss and Stop Smoking hypnosis.

Well, now they have the opportunity to add Hypno-Chemo to their therapist tool kit as well, if they so wish. The success of the individual therapists market share will come down to their individual marketing strategy and promotion, which is covered in the Practitioners Manual. Let's just say each and every therapist out there is competing on the same level playing field!

Is there any ongoing training or supervision for new members?

The Hypno-Chemo program is for qualified therapists only, the reason for this is because experienced therapists know their trade! The practitioners manual is very comprehensive and will certainly give you all you need to start practicing with confidence. The Practitioners Forum is also there to further assist practitioners, this is the central hub of the Hypno-Chemo organization where members can discuss their training, specific techniques and of course meet other like minded therapists.

Training Seminars are now being arranged for the very near future, these will cover many topics, including client treatment, marketing, websites and whatever else members feel would be beneficial to them.


How many Clients can I expect to get through Hypno-Chemo?

Well, the old adage "how long is a piece of string" springs to mind, how many clients you get depends on many factors, your location, your marketing strategy, the price you charge and of course your ability to convert enquiries into paying clients. Unlike "traditional" hypnotherapy clients, the "commitment" of a cancer sufferer during therapy is going to be far greater than that of a regular weight loss or stop smoking client. So, it's fair to assume the vast majority of cancer sufferer's will have a strong drive and legitimate interest in finding out how or what Hypno-Chemo can do to benefit them.

If we then consider the 300k new sufferers being diagnosed every year in the UK and the 1.5 million a year in the USA, plus the number of sufferers already in recovery.... Well, lets just say from a commercial point of view, there are alot of people who will have a genuine interest in a therapy that helps them find the strength and courage to confront their cancer!

So, client enquiries are really going to come down to you, your marketing and practice promotion.


How much should I charge my clients for this treatment?


It's completely up to you how much you charge. However, I would suggest you DO NOT add a premium for the Hypno-Chemo therapy as this will most certainly put clients off. I would suggest you stick with your usual hourly rate.


How many sessions does the average Hypno-Chemo client need?


Generally 6 sessions seems to be about the average, obviously this is dependant on the severity of the sufferers condition. A client diagnosed with a minor cancer will usually receive their medical treatment within a week or two, so you may only get the opportunity for 1 or 2 sessions with this type of client.

However, someone with a more severe or long term diagnosis will obviously be keen to take full advantage of all the assistance a Hypno-Chemo practitioner can give them, so you may see them for up to 12 to 15 sessions.

Be aware as well that some clients like ongoing follow up session just to keep their focus and positivity boosted up.


Will my clients have unrealistic expectations about the Hypno-Chemo Treatment?


Yes, some clients will have unrealistic expectations. It's important to remember the "shock" a cancer diagnosis is going to have on your clients. It is the practitioners job to explain exactly what the Hypno-Chemo therapy specifically involves. No one knows what the future holds for them, whether they have cancer or not, so we can't make any promises as to the effectiveness of this therapy. What we can do is outline the fact that Hypno-Chemo is there to make the sufferers journey smoother and more comfortable and that hypnosis and a positive mind set will assist in their perception of pain, help reduce their fear and potentially restore the effectiveness of their immune system!

Please feel free to ask individuals coming in for their initial consultation to bring a carer, a family member or a friend along with them, because much of what you say in the consultation may go straight over the sufferers head. Carrying out a Hypno-Chemo initial consultation is covered in detail in the practitioners manual.

Is Hypno-Chemo an alternative to medical treatment?

This is a very important point, for Hypno-Chemo to gain credibility in the world of oncology, it's vital that this therapy isn't viewed as an alternative, screwy, holistic therapy. The fact is Hypno-Chemo is designed to be a legitimate therapy based on decades of research and is founded on solid principles and research. It is not an alternative therapy to be used in place of traditional medicine or medical treatments.

Hypno-Chemo is designed to run in line with modern medicine and medical procedures to aid the sufferers "Motivation to Mend" and build a "Positive Expectancy" at every stage of the clients illness.

By Gary Barker

If you have a question or query that's not listed here, please feel free to contact us on info@hypno-chemo.com
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