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SALLY'S Cancer Story.

Therapist Russell Hoyles is building a reputation for amazingly successful weight loss and lifestyle change programmes. However, an area of his work he is passionate about is Complementary Cancer Care and he has recently become a licensed cancer care practitioner for HYPNO-CHEMO, a complementary therapy used by cancer sufferers and their families and friends.

"I have had cancer and can relate to others affected by a diagnosis. This therapy enhances the potential for conventional treatment to be effective by engaging my clients in counsel, relaxation, and visualisation that nurture a sense of actually participating in their own treatment whilst developing a positive outlook to life with cancer."
Sally's cancer story

Its relevant whatever stage of the illness clients are at from diagnosis to the one in four patients Macmillan identified recently as being affected by long-term problems such as chronic fatigue, pain, and sexual difficulties.’’

Sally came to see Russell at The Lancashire Clinic at the beginning of July: ‘’I was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of this year, on my 10th wedding anniversary to be exact. I was told "it" looked atypical and at the time my hopes were raised only to be dashed when I was told I had grade 4 cancer and I would be offered palliative chemotherapy.

My immediate thought was that I was going to be dead in three months. You don't listen to what people say. The only words you hear are cancer, chemotherapy, not curable and palliative. My brain went into panic mode. I have so much to do, I will miss my husband, my children, my grandchildren and my friends.......... What can I do with this thing growing inside me?. How can I get rid of it?

At my first treatment I coped well and was very composed until one of the nurses said something caring to me and all self control went. I told them I thought I'd be dead in three months and asked them if they were giving me treatment to make me feel awful to get ready for dying . They suggested I might benefit from a visit to the psychologist at the hospital.

He told me that I should give this disease over to the care of the oncologists and nurses and enjoy my life as best as I could for as long as I could! This was totally alien to me........... Basically been in control of my life. How things had changed! He said I no longer had any control and should let it happen. I was in the hands of experts.

Initially I accepted this with a certain amount of relief. No longer did I have to fight. I could let someone else do it for me. However I was soon struggling with the passive approach to my body and my future. Surely I could fight a little ........... myself alongside the drugs. I couldn't just sit back and let it and the doctors take over.

Enter Russell Hoyles. Hearing about this man who had been through the mill of cancer himself gave me hope that I could do something to help myself. He was having positive results with other people ...could he help me?

The first meeting was mostly talk and the most important thing I remember was the expression on Russell's face when I told him what the psychologist at the hospital had told me about the medics taking control. He clearly believed I did have a role to play in my own treatment! He asked me how I saw the tumour and I think was delighted when I used a very unladylike term to describe it.

Our sessions started and I learnt how to allow my body and mind to receive messages of a positive nature and I developed a picture of my tumour in my mind and my own personal images of rallying my immune system to fight it. I feel engaged in my own treatment and that feels good! We also talk about my "chimp" that primitive part of us that takes over your life with negative thoughts! My goodness has she visited me over the past months to fill me full of negativity. But with the positive thoughts that are instilled working with Russell she visits far less.

That's as far as I have gone with Russell but I have a couple more sessions to attend and I feel so much better physically and mentally. I feel so much better and am enjoying life! So much so that in my next session we are doing a session on golf! Russell’s instills ‘living’ and I want to get my 11/12 handicap back and with his help I will! This all probably sounds very simplistic but I can tell you it works. Scans show the tumour is shrinking a little, it wouldn't dare grow. I am onto it now!’’

Russell welcomes your enquiries about his approach to cancer either by calling him on 07921 212728 or through his website www.russellhoyles.com

Article Written by Gareth Glynne-Jones




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