HYPNO-Chemo Training Seminars.


We are pleased to announce in conjunction with "The Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy" training seminars for hypnotherapists seeking to learn more about assisting people with Cancer and helping them to overcome the emotional distress they feel following their diagnosis and ongoing cancer treatment?

This fun and informal days training will allow any hypnotherapist to increase their confidence and understanding of the medical side of cancer and its treatment, before moving on to learn how we as hypnotherapists can make a massive difference to the cancer sufferers journey. Our professional Hypnotherapy Training Seminars are designed specifically to help practitioners maximise the assistance they offer Cancer Sufferers and are a great way to learn and contribute to your ongoing CPD (Continued Professional Development).

The Hypno-Chemo programme is a psychological approach to dealing with 'Cancer’, and how mindset, perceptions and future expectations can affect our bodies physical well being and ongoing cancer journey!


WHAT is in the Training Seminar?


This specific one day training is to help you as hypnotherapist increase your knowledge of the physical aspects of Cancer as well as to also appreciate the massive impact our mindsets have on our bodies ability to fight disease, specifically how stress effects our immune systems.

Another important aspect of this training day is to allow practitioners to feel confident and relaxed about administering this exciting new therapy to their clients. A key focus of the training is to understand the way in which practitioners can encourage clients to talk with outsiders in an open and honest manner and how we as therapists can then easily tailor their therapy so it becomes totally client driven.

Cancer Care Practitioners
The Morning Session:

The morning training session looks at the physical side of cancer, this comprises an explanation of the main types of Cancer, which are complimented by a series of short videos explaining the immune system and giving students a greater understanding of how and why cancer develops in the body.

This will be followed by an explanation of each of the medical treatments available to cancer patients and how each treatment can be perfectly adapted for specific use under hypnosis.

The morning training will conclude with a question and answer session.

The Afternoon Session:

During the afternoon session we will then start getting down to the nitty gritty by discussing what the Hypno-Chemo program has to offer your clients and your practice, including marketing this exciting therapy. We will also discuss how to develop and adapt the therapy to comfortably suit your clients’ needs.

In addition we will also cover the importance of maintaining a strict client/therapist relationship that enables sufferers to feel far more in control of their ongoing cancer journey. The old adage "if you find yourself in a crocodile pit, it doesn't matter how you got in there, you better get out quick" springs to mind!

Once again there will be opportunity to ask questions and a group discussion at the end of the training day. Each delegate will then have an opportunity to discuss joining the Hypno-Chemo program at a substaintailly discounted rate.


TRAINING Venue and directions


We run all our training from The Portsmouth Technopole building, this is an iconic and landmark building just off the M275, the main route into Portsmouth City Center. The training suites are well furnishes, modern and spacious and can be adapted for either small medium of large classes. There is plenty of free parking and disabled access.

Cancer Hypnosis Practitioners Pack

Portsmouth Technopole,
Kingston Crescent,
PO2 8FA.

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MEET the trainer: Lorraine Gleeson.


Lorraine is a qualified Hypnotherapist with the Institute of Natural Therapies (INT) and in Clinical Hypnosis with Proudfoot School of Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy. She also has a firm understanding of NLP and is a qualified Parts Therapist and studied with Roy Hunter. Lorraine has trained therapists under the INT since 2007. In September 2011, after her own course was validated by the GHSC she set up the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy to offer high quality training and CPD to therapists.

Over the years, Lorraine has met many other therapists who often trained at other schools and realised that the training offered by other schools did not appear to offer a formula to put the skills they learnt into an actual business.


Lorraine believes it is essential to keep therapies new and fresh, so she continues to have ongoing training herself, learning new skills to improve her own abilities as a therapist and to help train others. Lorraine comments "I had always had a passion for working and helping people, after having my own life changed by Hypnotherapy, I knew then that I could help other people change their lives aswell." Click here for more about: Lorraine Gleeson

COURSE dates and cost.

Each delegate will receive their 150 page training pack on the day of the seminar along with a training seminar certificate from the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy.

The cost of the Hypno-Chemo training day is just £130.00. However if you wish to book before 05/11/2015 then take advantage of our early bird offer at £110.

If you are already a Hypno-Chemo practitioner, but would still like to attend this training pay, the cost is just £74.95. Places will be limited to a first come first served basis.

Date: Saturday 5th Dec 2015.

Hours: Training starts at 9.30 - 1.00 and 2.00 - 4.30.

Parking: There is plenty of free parking available at the Technopole Venue.

Refreshments/Lunch: Tea and Coffee are provided there is also a canteen on site, plus a pub 100 yards from the venue.


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